Weezer Broadway Residency canceled due to low ticket sales

In June, Weezer announced a mini-residence on Broadway, taking over the Broadway Theater for five nights between 9/13 and 9/18. The residency was intended to coincide with the band’s four-piece EP project called SZNZ, with the first four nights split between the EPs. However, the Broadway shows have now apparently been cancelled, with Rivers Cuomo citing low ticket sales.

Cuomo wrote on the Weezer Discord:

I just learned that our Broadway shows have been canceled (due to low ticket sales and unbelievably high costs). I am very sorry to have to tell you this now, after we have invested so much time, thoughts and emotions. Extra apologies to those of you who cleared your schedules and made travel plans to be with us. Thanks to @Broadway Producer for all your hard work and great ideas. I loved where we were going and I hope we can find a way to revive our vision.

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