Wendy Williams had to be reminded several times that her show was ending

Wendy Williams had to be reminded several times that The Wendy Williams Show was canceled in the months following her last performance in February. A new report from Hollywood reporter published Wednesday, detailing what led to the demise of the daytime TV staple — and how Williams’ struggle with addiction and chronic illness took its toll on her show.

According to the report, Williams has reached out to executives multiple times asking why her show was cancelled, pretending the conversations were happening for the first time every time she called. Debmar-Mercury co-chairs Ira Bernstein and Mort Marcus said: THR they had several conversations with Williams to remind her that the show was over.

“I said, ‘We haven’t heard from you, and we had to make a decision,'” Bernstein said. “We should have made one in November, but we moved it to January or February, and by then it was like, ‘Make a decision or lose the time period.'”

After being told that her 10 o’clock slot was being overtaken by The viewSherri Shephard, William asked if she could take over at 11am. “I said, ‘We would love to work with you, and there are many ways and many buyers, but you need to come back, and we need to know you’re okay,’ Bernstein said. “You can’t just call after nine months and say, ‘I’m ready.'”

In a separate interview, Marcus said Williams couldn’t even provide a doctor’s note saying she was healthy enough to take to the air again. “I believe if there was a piece of paper that said, ‘No problem, she’s fine,’ she wouldn’t hesitate to show it,” Marcus said.

The THR report detailed how executives texted executives “at least 25” times to ask if she was sober enough to go on air. Another source told the outlet that staffers would find “bottles” [of alcohol] in the ceiling tiles and other strange places in the office.” The show even had to pick up a pre-recorded episode and replace it with a rerun for appearing too drunk on screen, with producers in other shows determining that she looked “good enough” to go on the air. “Everyone of that staff and crew witnessed all sorts of things,” a source said.

Things took a dark turn when she addressed her employees on Zoom in an effort to calm the large crowd of people on her show’s team in September 2021. it’s like, ‘What are you saying?'” said an insider, adding that the talk show host “started to become uncoherent.”

Lonnie Burstein, another director of Debmar-Mercury, added that the speech lasted almost three minutes: “It wasn’t pretty,” Burstein said. “People were a bit panicked. She said things like, ‘Oh, I can’t wait, I’ll get back to you very soon,’ but it was clear to anyone watching that she wouldn’t be back any time soon.’

Williams spokesperson Shawn Zanotti emailed: Holywood Reporter acknowledging Williams’ struggles with addiction and both Grave’s disease and lymphedema. “It’s no secret that Wendy has battled addiction over the years, but right now Wendy is on the road to recovery and healing from her chronic illnesses and her past grievances,” Zanotti wrote to the outlet. “What we do know is that Wendy has a history of chronic illness that she has talked about publicly.”

The long report of Hollywood reporter comes just weeks after Williams appeared on TMZ Live, where she slurped her words, lost her train of thought, and even brought her foot up to the camera to show the effects of her lymphedema. “To this day,” Burstein said, “we don’t really know what the problem is.”

The report also included an interview with her new manager William Selby, whom Williams teased while doing a podcast, who said: THR went out of his way to help her during this time. “She’s grown,” Selby said. “I can’t lock her in a house and say, ‘Don’t move, don’t even look out the window.’ This is not a prison.”

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