Western Sydney Police Chief Bob Fitzgerald Beaten Up By Teens With Pole On Rooty Hill

A police chief in western Sydney was beaten with a pole by a group of teenagers on Monday.

Chief Inspector Bob Fitzgerald, who has been an officer for nearly 40 years, suffered bleeding and head injuries after the attack, which took place while he was off duty.

“One of those perpetrators has now been charged with assault in which grievous bodily harm was done, was 12 years old and they assaulted him with an improvised weapon,” said Kevin Morton, president of the police association.

One of the alleged group is said to be only 12 years old.

Channel Nine reported that around 4:30 a.m. Monday, the senior officer witnessed three boys in those early teens allegedly abusing passengers and staff at the Rooty Hill train station.

The Blacktown officer was reportedly struck in the head several times with a bicycle seat post when he tried to get in.

“This young person was 12 years old and he assaulted a 60-year-old man who identified himself as an off-duty police officer — I can only imagine what they would do to a member of the public,” Morton said.

Chief Inspector Fitzgerald was taken to hospital after the children were arrested and is reportedly set to return to work tomorrow.

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