What Chef Paul Carmichael Is Doing Now (hint: it’s not a restaurant)

Chef Paul Carmichael has flown under the radar in the 12 months since the award-winning Momofuku Seiobo closed. But for his first professional step since serving up his last tasting menu at the Sydney Two Hats restaurant last June, Carmichael skips the pointy end of fine dining to design meals for the home.

The chef has joined a new home-cooking start-up, Fix, a joint venture between the very high-brow Fink Group (Quay, Bennelong) and Stix, Chef David Allison’s catering outfit that produces first-class meals for Qantas.

The collaboration between the two landlady heavyweights will take place in a few months’ time in events, Stix Farm on the Hawkesbury, the Stix cafe in Marrickville (which reopens on June 29) and a new cafe opening on Hunters Hill.

Jeremy Courmadias and David Allison at Stix Farm in Cumberland Reach. Photo: Louie Douvis

Fink CEO Jeremy Courmadias says Fix meals will also be available online in Stix cafes from August. Consumers will enjoy meals designed by Quay chef Peter Gilmore and Lennox Hastie of Firedoor, and they’ve also lined up talent including executive chef Analiese Gregory and Carmichael.

†[They’ll be labelled] Solved by Analiese Gregory and so on and so forth,” Courmadias said. “We are also very excited to welcome Palisa Anderson to the platform in the not too distant future.”

It will be interesting to see how the role of hired talent like Carmichael develops within the new joint venture. It is certainly ambitious in its breadth. Brian Murray, former Quay co-chef, runs the Stix kitchen.

Stix Farm will supply products to Fink restaurants and compost their organic waste.

Stix Farm will supply products to Fink restaurants and compost their organic waste. Photo: Delivered

Stix Farm will be a vital cog in bringing the two companies closer together, both as a supplier of products for Fink restaurants and as a destination for its organic waste.

“We are in the process of replanting crops after another heavy recent rainstorm,” Courmadias says, “but we already have beautiful seasonal vegetables in the greenhouse, including Tuscan kale, shallots, silver beet and broccoli, which will be supplied by Fink and Stix.”

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