What you see first reveals how you treat your better half

Optical Illusion: We’re back today to tell you how to secretly treat your partner with this optical illusion test. The optical illusion has the ability to reveal your innermost thoughts, which you are generally shy to show and reluctant to accept.

This optical illusion image can tell you how you are secretly professing your love or feelings to your significant other. It is called secretly expressing love because the artist feels that the painting reveals the viewer’s thoughts that he/she cannot openly express.

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Check your true feelings for someone by viewing the optical illusion painting below. The painting was created by the famous Ukrainian artist Oleg Shupliak. All you need to do is see the image of the painting and tell us what strikes you first.

The image can lead you to four things: the moon, a man’s face, a wolf, a house, or trees.

Optical Illusion: Interpretation and Analysis

Most people were the first to see the moon when they took the test. The next most eye-catching object was the house.

1. In case you noticed the house first:

Safety is important to you. You like the image of your house, home and always feel safe. Your job causes you to occasionally leave your station. However, you will not feel fully recovered until you are at home with your loved ones. So you like to feed them when they almost secretly show your love to them.

So your secret way to show your love is to nurture your closest ones, especially your significant half. You like baking and cooking. Your wallet is always full of treats for others.

2. If you saw the moon first: You are a dreamer at heart. Moon means dreams and goals. You like to write, read and dance. Art forms excite you. You also seem completely grounded and responsible. You would never manage to shake off your dreamer’s sensibilities.

So your secret way of expressing your love and concern for your partner is through art. You can write, read or draw something for them and show them your concern. Bit creative here, isn’t it?

So, the next time you draw a painting that shows the sky coloring the shadows of her eyes, let her know, it’s because you were trying to tell her she’s important.

3. In case you saw the wolf first: You are a driven person and believe in your gut feeling. You approach things the way your gut tells you to. The party starts when you walk into the room. The person who first saw the wolf needs someone’s physical presence to show concern. Your significant other can see your attention, concern, and love when they are with you in the present. When a person is absent, he seems to be missing from your mind.

4. If you noticed the trees first: The person who saw the trees first has won a lot of emotional baggage from him. So if you are concerned about your significant other, you will open up to them about your fears and problems. You don’t allow interference in your emotional space, so if your significant other is actually accepted by you, share your thoughts. So you are also emotionally available to your partner.

5. In case you saw a man’s face first: In this case, you are intuitive about others. You dream big and realize your goals earlier than others. Your secret way to show your concern and treat someone well is to schedule time together. You enjoy putting someone’s name on your calendar and making time for them. This shows that you care about them and that you appreciate their presence in your life.

So now you know why you do certain things and treat others a certain way.

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