Where Toronto lands on the most livable cities

A new survey has ranked Toronto in the top 10 most livable cities in the world.

The 2022 Global Liveability Index, published by the Economic Intelligence Unit (EIU), uses 30 different factors that contribute to a city dweller’s lifestyle. That includes stability, health care, culture and environment, education and infrastructure.

After analyzing more than 170 cities, Toronto was ranked eighth in the ranking. It follows Calgary, which put Zurich in third place and Vancouver, which took fifth.

Toronto, along with its fellow top 10 Canadian cities, slipped on the list last year, which the 2021 index attributed to increased pressure on health care during the second wave of the pandemic.

However, the recent lifting of lockdown measures has catapulted the scores of these Canadian cities, the report finds.

“The COVID-19 pandemic had a negative impact on global livability in 2021, but we have seen a marked improvement in this year’s index in most cities with the reopening of shops, restaurants and museums,” said Upasana Dutt, head of the Livability Index, in this statement. annual report of the year.

Education also emerged with a stronger score due to the return of children to the classrooms. That comes in addition to a reduced burden on hospitals and healthcare systems as well, Dutt said.

Globally, the average quality of life index has recovered to 73.6 out of 100. That is an increase from 69.1 a year ago and corresponds to higher scores for culture and environment, education and health care.

But the index still remains below the 75.9 average reported just before the pandemic.

In comparison, Toronto achieved an index score of 95.4 this year.

The top cities on the EIU Global Liveability Index 2022 are:

  • Vienna, Austria (99.1 index score);
  • Copenhagen, Denmark (98.0 index score);
  • Zurich, Switzerland (96.3 index score);
  • Calgary, Canada (96.3 index score);
  • Vancouver, Canada (index score 96.1);
  • Geneva, Switzerland (index score of 95.9);
  • Frankfurt, Germany (index score 95.7);
  • Toronto, Canada (index score 95.4);
  • Amsterdam, Netherlands (95.3 index score);
  • Osaka, Japan (index score 95.1); and
  • Melbourne, Australia (index score 95.1).

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