Why don’t we talk about Mitch Marner?

The Toronto Maple Leafs have had only 3 players above 100 points in their entire 104 year history. Mitch Marner is close to joining the list.

But despite this, all credit continues to go to his Toronto Maple Leafs line mate Auston Matthews. Simply put, we are not talking enough about Mitch Marner.

With 5 games left, Mitch is just 5 points away from becoming the fourth-ever Toronto Maple Leafs player to hit a 100-point season. Chances are he will achieve it.

In fact, if he were to succeed; the Leafs have doubled the names on their 100-point season list in just this one season. (statistics naturalstattrick.com).

Toronto Maple Leafs get the best version of Mitch Marner

Since the beginning of the calendar year, Mitch Marner has been on fire. He has tallied 74 points in just 44 games and scored at a rate of 1.68 points per game. If he had kept the same pace all season, he would now be at 114 points with five games left and 122 points by the time those five were played.

Those numbers would make him the league’s top scorer. As it is, he is still 7th in the league despite his meager 21 points in the first 24 games of the season. Right now, his chemistry with Auston Matthews has marked them as possibly one of the best duos in the competition today.

Combine that with the fact that they were able to take Michael Bunting for the ride and also get the most out of him and you’re on your way to a winner. Perhaps the most remarkable development, however, is not the fact that Mitch Marner scores points. He already had more than 90 points (2018-19) NHL season to his name.

It’s how he counts the points – he’s no longer just a playmaker piling up assists. Mitch Marner is now also seen as a goal-scoring threat, leaving the keepers guessing.

In most other seasons, his name would almost certainly be mentioned in Hart Trophy conversations as he has close to 100 points and sees both penalty kill and power play time.

Instead, he’s not even the first Toronto Maple Leafs name mentioned in Hart Trophy conversations, that’s the nature of Auston Matthews’ line mate! To be fair, it’s not necessarily a place Mitch Marner has found himself before.

In his 2015-16 season with the London Knights, he paired up with Christian Dvorak and Matthew Tkachuk (who, incidentally, also looks set for his first 100-point NHL campaign), but he clearly stood out when it came to individual honours.

Likewise, when he hit 94 points with the Toronto Maple Leafs a few years ago, Mitch Marner was seen as the one who took the more experienced John Tavares to new heights (47 goals) rather than the other way around.

Throughout his career he has always been seen as a driving force thus far, but on the Toronto Maple Leafs he is seen as the least of a one-two punch. However, people should be talking about Mitch Marner. He is a key member of the team’s penalty-killing unit, scoring 3 shorthand goals this season.

In fact, his defensive talk on the game could be worthy of a Selke Trophy talk if names like the defensive elite Patrice Bergeron didn’t already exist.

He is an integral part of the power play and with his new goals he really is a three-headed monster for the Toronto Maple Leafs and we really should talk more about him.

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