Why Reacher Season 2 Skips To Book 11, Bad Luck & Trouble

It was recently confirmed that Reacher season 2 would be adapting book 11, Bad Luck and Trouble instead of moving on to book 2. So why skip 9 books?

It has recently become known that reacher season 2 would adapt Lee Child’s eleventh Jack Reacher book, Bad luck and problemsreacher Season 1 was a relatively faithful adaptation of the first Jack Reacher novel, Killing Floor. It seemed likely that reacher season 2 would thus alternate with book 2, Try dyingbut apparently that’s not the case.

reacher Season 1 sees Jack Reacher (Alan Ritchson) roll into the fictional town of Margrave, Georiga, where he is promptly charged with a murder that happened before his arrival. After proclaiming his innocence, he helps Roscoe (Willa Fitzgerald) and Finlay (Malcolm Goodwin) solve the real crime and expose corruption in the city. His job done, just like at the end of most Jack Reacher stories, Reacher continues on the road, leaving the city behind as he heads for his next adventure.


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Nick Santora, the showrunner behind Amazon’s reacher TV series probably chose book 11, Bad luck and problems for reacher Season 2 tie in with a major change the show has made from book 1. reacher season 1 introduces Maria Sten as Francis Neagley, an old military comrade of Reacher who originally only appeared in book 6, Lee Child’s without fail† Sten has been confirmed to return for reacher season 2 alongside Alan Ritchson, while no other cast members are expected to return. Of Bad luck and problems based on former members of the US Army’s 110th MP Special Investigation Unit, as they appear to have been targeted and killed. Neagley and Reacher’s shared history in the group makes sense for them to return together, and it can work to create a more interconnected series from season to season.

Reacher leaves Markgrave

Bad luck and problems allow for interaction between Neagley and Reacher to be seen on screen again in reacher season 2 in a way that adapts Try dying wouldn’t have done. More importantly, because the story is so closely tied to the 110th MP Special Investigations unit, Amazon’s reacher will have a good way of digging into Jack Reacher’s backstory. While reacher season 1 featured some military and family backstories, there are many mysteries surrounding Jack Reacher’s past yet to be discovered, and reacher season 2 adapting Bad Luck & Trouble may make that happen faster than originally expected.

When reacher Season 1 aired, mixed reports were released about the direction the show’s future could take. Alan Ritchson expressed a desire to do each of the books in sequence throughout the series. Meanwhile, Nick Santora assured viewers not to assume that the series would adapt Lee Child’s Jack Reacher novels in order. Of reacher season 2 confirmed to customize Bad luck and problemsObviously there were story considerations that made it the better choice, but it could also mean the show strays further from the books.

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