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Thor’s Hammer makes many custom items from reclaimed wood. Photo: Delivered

Thor’s Hammer has been operating in Canberra for 28 years. In the 1990s, founder and director Thor Diesendorf began sourcing wood from demolition sites in Canberra to create custom furniture and kitchens.

“I couldn’t stand to see how good wood is wasted, so I started saving more and more wood from demolition sites until finally Thor’s Hammer was born in 1994,” said Thor.

Shortly afterwards, the team installed sawing and finishing machines in their previous workshop at the Old Canberra Brickworks, expanding their product range to include architectural products such as flooring, cladding and decking.

In 2019, after 25 years with the Brickworks, Thor’s Hammer moved to the old Tip Top Bakery in Griffith, after undertaking a massive renovation project to get it ready.

Now made up of 35 proud Canberra residents, the team is made up of highly skilled wood recyclers, designers and makers, skilled in both contemporary and traditional techniques. “We combine modern machinery and traditional skills with hand tools to make our products,” says Thor.

We combine modern machines and traditional skills with hand tools to make our products

Thor Diesendorf

“The recycling team is responsible for denailing and metal detecting wood, sorting and sorting by species, and grinding and brushing large posts and beams,” explains Thor.

“The processing and picking teams select the recycled wood orders and load and unload the trucks that arrive with the salvaged wood, then are responsible for cutting and drying the wood and then converting it into decking, flooring and other profiles. In the joinery team, we make countertops, custom designed furniture, front doors, etc. And finally, our design and sales, marketing and administration department is the customer-oriented part of the company and keeps everything running smoothly and smoothly. can continue their magic.”

It is noteworthy that all Thor’s Hammer products are designed and made in their Canberra workshop, using high quality recycled wood. They make countertops, tables and furniture, cladding, decking and floors, doors, boards, posts and beams, and also supply a variety of natural edging boards, engineered wood from the shelving and tabletop scraps to local makers and merchants.

All Thor’s Hammer products are designed and built with careful attention to their impact on the environment.

“Caring for the environment is at the heart of what we do,” says Thor.

“We build our products to last for generations, and we have also made it a priority to minimize waste and environmental damage in our manufacturing processes, by reusing residual waste, always using non-toxic materials and reducing our use of fossil fuels. minimalize. “

With their 30th anniversary approaching, Thor’s Hammer continues to make a significant contribution to the Canberra community, providing reliable and rewarding jobs for furniture makers, environmentalists and wood enthusiasts in Canberra, as well as tailoring their products and services for the Canberra -community .

“Much of our work is custom designed and made, which means we can keep up with consumer demand for wood products, adapt and evolve with our customers’ needs.

“In response to demand, we have plans to expand our furniture range and production of flooring and cladding from wood recycled from local demolition work in Canberra. And in the coming months we will be getting an exciting new machine; a 5-axis CNC [computer numerically controlled] from Italy, which will transform our joinery and joinery business, make our processes more efficient and keep costs low for customers.”

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