Yo, New York, Hoboken is going to make fireworks on the waterfront

HOBOKEN, NJ — Boom! Surprise fireworks along the Hudson River always spark a wave of speculation, not to mention people complaining that the noise scared their dogs and woke their babies. In fact, mysterious fireworks that went off a few days after 9/11 last year were particularly unwelcome, according to what New Yorkers and New Jerseyans had to say on Twitter. READ MORE: Surprise fireworks weren’t from Hoboken Festival

Just so you know: The Stevens Institute of Technology, located on Hoboken’s central waterfront, has a fireworks display scheduled for Saturday, May 14 at approximately 9:15 PM

The city of Hoboken said in a warning to residents on Thursday: “On Saturday, May 14 at approximately 9:15 PM, the Stevens Institute of Technology will hold a fireworks display,” but has not released more information.

Patch has contacted Stevens to find out the reason for the showing, which is not on their public events calendar. This story will be updated as information becomes available.

Meanwhile, you can read about some of the other displays last year that sparked fear, including one that may have come from a mayor’s fundraiser: READ MORE: Fireworks? Why? NYC/NJ Twitter lights up with questions again

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