You can now buy Pieter Hugo and Joel Meyerowitz photos as NFTs

Photography is one of the few artistic media that consistently pursues the latest innovations, and it’s not just camera technology that’s evolving; a new Web3 photography organization, Communityaims to mark a turning point in the blockchain, connecting both trailblazing and trailblazing photographers to the possibilities of NFTs in a new, lucrative method of digital auction.

Fellowship promises photography enthusiasts a new path to discover, trade and collect works. It features weekly “spotlight” exhibitions and auctions from photographers on a rotating basis, and in the coming weeks will feature work from Guy BourdinKaty Grannan, Joel Sternfeld, László Moholy-Nagy, Pieter Hugo, Hank Willis Thomas, Mitch Epstein, Joel Meyerowitzand Laurie Simmons. Most recently, on August 2, Fellowship commissioned and presented an auction of three works by Gregory Crewdson, an American photographer known for his cinematic, tableau-style images of small-town existence that convey a sense of suspense. and evoke discomfort.

The impressive number of photographers spotlighted by the Web3 platform has been selected by a board of founders and funders drawn from the diverse art world, including photographers Chadwick Tyler and Alejandro Cartagena, Wallpaper*‘s Holly Hay, curator Fernando Gallegos and a host of collectors exploring new grounds for art purchases in the digital airwaves.

“We believe the digital art market is just getting started,” say the founders of Fellowship. “We looked around and saw no room for artists, so we built them. Fellowship creates new opportunities and best practices for photographers at every stage of their career to create, exhibit and reach new audiences through the virtual world. We bring photography forward by providing an extension of the artist’s presentation model that goes beyond just prints.”

Joel Meyerowitzwho is now in his mid-80s, is known for his more traditional practice of photography using film and slow shutter speeds, but he shares his enthusiasm for bringing the age-old art of photography into the blockchain, saying, “Photography is our most democratic world art form Now we have the NFT A remarkable new way to collect the great images of the past and present, with the exception that now one can only have one minted image, rather than an unlimited number of prints.The rarity that collectors of photography has always been looking for is now a reality.”

Discover Fellowship here.

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