You can now download the (second) earliest known build of Android ever

Make all the ‘before’ jokes you want, I wonder what it has to do with Oklahoma

The second oldest version of Android known to date is now free for everyone to download. And no, it’s not from the T-Mobile G1/HTC Dream. It’s from something earlier.

Android Police were able to go hands-on with the Sooner, which was essentially an HTC Excalibur that was then transformed into Google’s pre-commercial Android testbed. The experience is actually a bit familiar to most modern Android fans – the home screen has a scrollable home row of apps and showed off rounded corners (although they didn’t stick around the rest of the UI).

The reality, of course, is that there was a lot of work between then and now that changed the way the Android home screen behaved. The build was compiled on August 29, 2007.


A Twitter user by the name of Old Phone Preservation posted the code dump yesterday, noting that it was an attempt made possible by multiple people, but all it took was a few terminal commands and a microSD card.

The build number, htc-29386., hints at some semblance of sequencing in the pre-stable era and follows another build discovered in 2012, htc-2065., compiled on May 15 that same year.

Curious minds can download the ROM dump from the internet archive. Happy building.

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