Your stories about the Flinders Street Station Photo Booth

Last week we published a heartwarming story about Alan Adler – arguably the ‘most photographed man in Australia’ – standing behind Flinders Street Station’s iconic black and white coin-operated photo booth.

It was supposed to mark two milestones: Adler’s 90th birthday and the photo booth’s 50th.

We got a huge response to the story on Instagram, so we put out a call to ask you – our readers – to share your most memorable stories about the photobooth. Here are some of our favorites:

“Mom has been taking me on my birthday every year for 25 years. I love seeing us grow up together.”

“Around 2000, before taking the train home, we took pictures in the booth on Flinders Street [and] spent all day exploring the city. Think Smoke Dreams and the original Dangerfield.”

“We go there every year on my son’s birthday. It’s getting tight.”

“I met Alan when I first moved to Melbourne [and] he gave us a ‘test’ image!”

“Our first family photo of three – the best day captured.”

“Drunk night. Shared forgotten memory. Sunrise.”

“I was 16 and took pictures with my first great love. I still have them! Such a lovely time.”

“A teenage urban adventure that always started with a selfie in a photo booth – tradition.”

“At about 3 a.m. on a Sunday morning, about seven of us packed into one of them and took some snaps.”

“Leaving the suburbs as a teenager in the 80s, so excited to be in town with friends.”

“My bestie from school… it was 1979, we were 16, still got the pictures. We’re still friends.”

“I took a girl here on a third date. She’s my girlfriend now. (We have the pictures to show!)”

“Yes…15 years of memories and celebrations…weddings, babies, dogs, friends.”

Alan Adler’s photo booth is on the corner of Flinders and Elizabeth Streets.


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