Zuckerberg says Instagram feed is about to get worse

Earlier this week, Instagram head Adam Mosseri shared a video on Twitter (yes, the irony) telling people that Instagram will “continue to support photos” as multiple users complain about how the platform pushes random videos into their feeds. However, Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg has actually confirmed that Instagram’s feed is about to get even worse.

Instagram feed is getting worse

For many Instagram users, the experience of using the social network that mainly focused on photos of friends and family has deteriorated significantly in recent months. That’s because Instagram now uses algorithms to display feed content from accounts that you don’t follow, but that it thinks might be of interest to you.

And if you think Instagram could rethink its strategy for the better after these complaints, you’re probably wrong. During a conversation with investors on Wednesday, Zuckerberg said: that the company plans to “more than double” the amount of Instagram feed content recommended by AI. In other words, you’ll end up seeing even more posts from people and accounts you don’t know.

According to the CEO of Meta, about 15% of the content shown to an Instagram user on their feed is recommendations. By the end of next year, this number should rise to more than 30%. Of course, this goes against what Instagram users have been asking for, but the company doesn’t seem to care.

Instagram must stop trying to be TikTok

Instagram’s situation is so complicated right now that even celebrities Kylie Jenner and Kim Kardashian made a plea to ask Instagram to “stop trying to be TikTok”. Adam Mosseri then responded to the complaints with a video that basically confirms that the company will continue to devote resources to copying TikTok features.

Of course, this move comes because TikTok has grown significantly, while Facebook and Instagram have not. Meta’s Q2 FY2022 results came in slightly lower than expected with revenue of $28.82 billion instead of $28.94 billion. The company currently has 1.97 billion daily active users, which is still a lot.

During the call, Meta executives also said the company has been working on new ways to deliver online ads with less user data, in response to Apple’s App Tracking Transparency. Earlier this year, Zuckerberg said that Meta was rebuilding its ad structure to target iOS users.

Meta-shares are down more than 3% since the announcement as investors appear disappointed with the company’s direction.

What do you think of this whole situation? Would you prefer when the Instagram feed had no suggestions? Let us know in the comments below.

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